Run Speed Test

To help people test the speed of their internet connection, we’ve created a custom speed test using the popular internet speed test service from Ookla!

To test the speed of your internet connection, click the green button below…….and then hit the big “GO” button on that page.

After you run the test, please feel free to share your speeds and thoughts in the form below. Note: The speed test itself also logs anonymous usage stats we can download for later analysis.

Privacy Note:
For people concerned about privacy and security of your personal information:

  • This test is run on Ookla’s servers and they are in charge of keeping data collected in the test secure.
  • We can only download “anonymized” data about each test run.
  • This means we DO NOT get to see your street address, GPS coordinates nor your internet address.
  • The specific data we can get from Oookla does tell us:
    • the test was run from Lucas/Allen
    • the test was run from a location in Texas
    • the name of the speed test server used and who runs it (i.e. AT&T)
    • the name and version of your internet browser used to run the test
    • the name of your internet service provider
    • the operating system you are running on your computer
    • your download speed, upload speed, latency and jitter for your internet connection (this is the stuff we want to track)
    • an id number we can use to differentiate between different test runs, but can’t associate with you
  • After the test, when you enter your results in the form directly, the information is kept secure on Google’s servers.