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What is Prop B and why is everyone talking about it?

Prop B is a measure authorizing the Lucas City Council to issue general obligation bonds not to exceed the amount of $19,190,000 for a fiber optic broadband utility system to provide broadband internet service and the levying of a tax payment thereof.
The controversy around it stems from concerns raised by residents:

  • There was no 3rd party expert independent review of the Magellan Feasibility Study which the City used to justify competing with AT&T, Spectrum, BigWave, Rise, Suddenlink and other telecom providers.
  • Whether the City should be in the business of funding and creating a municipal, high tech, capital intensive fiber internet business and the lack of experience of city personnel at doing so.
  • That a city run fiber business will not be financially viable causing the city and residents to repay the $19m bond and $4.7m “rainy day fund” with higher taxes and more city fees.

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