Debbie Fisher shares her 2 page personal analysis on a piece from the Daily Caller website about Magellan Advisors.

If you remember, Magellan Advisors were paid $56k by the City to do a feasibility study for Lucas to create a city run Municipal Broadband Company. This feasibility study became the foundation for Prop B on the ballot in November.

Debbie is serving as a member of the Lucas City Council. She was one of the earliest driving forces behind solving the internet problems in Lucas and she has been raising concerns about this project for several months.

In her document, Debbie gets right to the point on the concerns raised by the Daily Caller about Magellan Advisors.

You can download Debbie’s document by clicking this link: Daily Caller Accuses Magellan of Double Dipping

Note: So there’s no confusion, Debbie Fisher shares the following at the bottom of each page of her presentation:
This is my personal analysis of the Lucas Proposition B Broadband proposal. I am sending this to you as a fellow citizen and taxpayer exercising my 1st amendment rights and not in any official capacity. The opinions expressed are my own and not that of any government entity. – Debbie Fisher