Sometimes service providers upgrade the available internet packages without telling customers.

To help you know the maximum speed available from AT&T, we’ve created a list of addresses and the max speed available from AT&T.

You can use this list to check your address to see the maximum speed available to you, plus the speeds of the homes along the same street, as well as those around you.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Google Sheet in this link -> AT&T Internet Speeds in Lucas Texas
  2.  Give is a second to load and then search for your address using the “Find” command (either “Cmd F” or “Ctrl F”).
  3. If AT&T service is available to your address, the second column of the spreadsheet will show your speed in mbps(megabits per second).
  4. If your address is not found, it probably means that AT&T is not available to your address. To check this, click the “NO AT&T Service” tab at the bottom of the window and search again to confirm this.
  5. If your address is not found in the “NO AT&T Service” tab, please leave a comment below so we can check it out, and then add it to our file.

Note: a word of thanks to James Hallock for the script to create this list of the maximum speeds available to AT&T customers in Lucas.