If you need fast speeds and can’t get AT&T, Spectrum or Suddenlink to run a fiber line to your home, one option is “dedicated fiber” or “dedicated internet” to your home.

This option is VERY expensive but gives you a completely exclusive fiber connection to your home with symmetrical download and upload speeds.

AT&T explains the high cost of this service by saying that is a high quality dedicated business service versus the residential fiber line connection that is shared across your neighborhood.

Sharing a connection across your neighborhood means your speed will depend on who else is using the internet at the same time. This means slow downs will happen on nights and weekends when everyone is home from work/school and streaming their favorite movies.

With the dedicated fiber line, all the bandwidth you pay for is yours to use. This means if you pay for 250mbps connection, you get all 250mbps speed to yourself. That’s for both downloads and uploads.  That’s great news if you do regular video conferences or have a house full of people wanting to connect all at the same time.

The down side to this wonderful service is the cost.

Here’s the cost outline recently shared by AT&T:

10Mb $467.32/mo
20Mb $518.09/mo
50Mb $686.35/mo
100Mb $868.35/mo
150Mb $944.05/mo
250Mb $1,280.80/mo
500Mb $1,835.25/mo
1Gb $2,255.40/mo


Yikes, those are super expensive prices when you compare with normal “residential service” and you have to sign a 2 year contract.

That being said, there’s an example of how this type of service could work for a community.  See what Brandt did in Marin County CA


I’ve emailed Brandt and from his description, it was relatively easy to set up this option for his small town. I’ve done significant research on this option for our neighborhood and I’d be happy to share the details if you’re interested.